Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ready for Old Man Winter

Whew! After Mr D came home around noon on Friday, wet to the skin and
shivering with cold, we went on an immediate shopping trip.

- Two piece rain suit with hood. The material isn't terribly flexible,
but it's durable and should last for years. And best of all, since it
was the last one they had in stock, the regular $140 price tag became
- Baffin Ice Bear boots. Now, these are boots! At about $170, these
are rain boots, safety boots and winter boots all rolled into one. The
price might pinch a little, but he'll be wearing these boots for a
very long time.
- Lined duck overalls and coat - They've been ordered but haven't
arrived yet. I'm not 100% positive they're Carhart, but I think they

I still need to pick up a good winter hat for him, which I know he'll
hate because he prefers to wear his black wool fedora. (Yes, I have a
gentleman who always wears a hat when he goes out!) Another pair of
long johns might be a good idea, too. He already has good gloves, and
he wears Darn Tough wool socks, a very treasured gift from our friend
who owns Weck Canada (and sells far more than just Weck jars).

While we were there, I picked up a few more of the Pathway readers as
well as the Teacher's Editions. I will continually pick up a few at a
time until I have the entire set. Starvation, who will be three in
December, has decided that he wants to do school just like his big
brother. The surprising thing is that, while he barely recognizes his
letters yet, his fine motor skills are incredible - he can draw
circles and straight lines that Explosion can't. On the other hand,
Explosion, who will be five very soon, reads at about a grade two
level. So we'll be working on improving Explosion's fine motor skills,
self-control and ability to follow directions carefully while working
on pre-reading skills for Starvation. Story time will be together.

And on the food front - 14 quart jars of primavera pasta sauce are
cooling on my counter. It's unlikely that I'll find time to do the
tomato juice tomorrow, so I'll bottle it first thing Monday morning.


  1. Just looking at the boots, we realized he'll pack them in the car on wet or cold days and not wear them while driving. They're rather bulky and heavy.

  2.  I didn't think it would go below -60 around here much either till I tried my hike and temp started to drop.


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