Monday, September 17, 2012

Blame Blogger

If you have commented and it hasn't show up, I promise I'm not holding
back posts - Blogger is seriously acting up. I'm posting my email
exclusively because I can't access anything in my Blogger dashboard.
So if you comment and it needs moderation (anything with links,
specifically), I may not be able to approve it. But I'll definitely
read it - Blogger's been sending me THREE copies of all comments in my

Grumble grumble grumble

By the way, the 20 litres of tomato juice have become 14 litres of
primavera pasta sauce (well, 13, since one didn't seal) and 9 (10, but
I wasn't double stacking for ONE jar, so I put it in the fridge) pints
of tomato juice.

If I say I'm really, really, really done canning for the next month,
am I going to get a bunch of end-of-season produce dumped on my lap?
34 days until D-Day and counting down.


  1. You know you'll get a bunch of produce for free next month and then when you start preparing it that is when lil'doomer will decide to come out and play.

  2. I know. L was practically pushing vegetables on me today - a grocery bag full for $2. A cabbage, some carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers. It's all for fresh eating, though, because I just can't deal with any real putting up right now. Bad time of year to be 8 months pregnant.


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