Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mud, Mud, Mud

Getting off the mountain has been fun this month. I think Explosion has been at school a total of seven days in April so far.

I'm in town to do some banking and to set things up so that I don't need to come in for the next couple of months. Sigh - I have a very nice, long post written up for all of you - but I wrote it on paper and forgot to type it up on the computer. Blame it on pregnancy brain. Three or four weeks to go. This is definitely my last trip anywhere, since I barely got behind the wheel today.

I'm going to hold the internet company to their promise to put up a pole (tower? something) on our land so that we can have internet. When that happens, we'll be back to regular, and proper, posts.

As a note, when the cookbook is ready, it will be available through Homestead Favourites - https://homesteadfavourites.ca/
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